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Why should we not sleep at Mahashivratri night?

can we sleep after mahashivratri night
why should we stay awake on mahashivratri


Why should we not sleep at Mahashivratri night?. The festival of Mahashivratri is very important. According to Vedas mythological texts, Shiva is the beginning and the end. Shiva also called as the ultimate father, and Parvati mother has been called Jagat Janani. Shiva is the father of all 33 crore vagaries.

There are 33 crore Goddesses of Hindus in India, whom they believe, always worship, but the central place among them is Lord Shiva.

Mahashivratri Date is 18 feburary 2023 saturday. Shiv Baba is of cool nature that’s why it is also named as bholenath or bholebaba. It gets impressed by the peoples so soon who is doing worshipping for him.  That’s why some people also says that as compared to bholebaba no go will happy so soon. As soon as God is there, that’s why Lord Shiva is also called Bholenath. Shiva and Shakti, i.e. Mother Parvati, are always together. Shiv ji becomes a body without power. Shiva is unborn, formless, and is everywhere.

What is “Mahashivratri” Meaning

According to Shivaratri, Lord Shiva is the lord and dictator of all living creatures. All these creatures, animals and insects, perform all kinds of tasks and behaviour with the will of Lord Shiva. Shiva’s will determines the life cycle of any creature.

According to Shiva Purana, Lord Shiva resides in austerity by staying on Mount Kailash for six months in a year and after staying for six months from Mount Kailash and residing in the crematorium on earth. On their earth, “Paraya falls on the Trayodashi date of the Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month. On the day of Mahashivaratri, there is a lot of rain.

why should we stay awake on mahashivratri

When the incarnation of Shiva takes place in the earth, that is, the death world, this day is very encouraging for all beings, and all the devotees call this day Maha Shivaratri. This day is celebrated as the festival of Maha Shivaratri.

Should we sleep on mahashivratri?

Many of us want answer of this question Should we sleep on mahashivratri. Yes, you can sleep anytime of sadhgurumahashivratri anytime. It is not the matter that you opening eyes for staying awake at mahashivratri night. this is the matter that you doing worship with you heart. If you do worshipness of bholenath or mahashiv at mahashivratri night than you will surely get fruitful result of your worshipness towards bholebaba.

Sadhguru Mahashivratri festival celebrates by the peoples all over India. People go the temple and do fast for the whole day to seek bholenath or mahashiv blessings. Temples and shivlings is also decorated by flowers all over India. Some people says it is the night of mahashiv that’s its named as mahashivratri. what time can sleep after shivaratri.

How you can Awake at mahashivratri night

  1. you can do enjoy bhajans at temples because at mahashivratri night large amount of people joining at temple for worship by singing bhajans or enjoying bhajans.
  2. If you not wanna go to the temples than you can also do at your home by listening stories, bhajans, mantar japam, praying to god in your way that you know.
  3. you can also do dhyanam at temple or your home or by abhishekam.


Maha Shivaratri is the festival of worship of Lord Bholenath. When religious lovers worship Mahadev with ceremonial rituals and receive blessings from them, on this day, a large number of people gather in the temple of Shiva, and all the devotees see themselves and consider themselves fortunate. what time can sleep after shivaratri.

Every festival shows the path of all people to choose the right path and walk on the path of truth. The festival leaves a deep impression on our lives. The worship of Shiva is the worship of God from whom all have originated.

Why Mahashiv Also called Aghori?

Shiva is himself an Aghori. He has no attachment to respect nor any place of Shiva’s ghost. The vampire, Aghori, Gana phantom always stays with him. The creation of the universe originated from Lord Shiva, and when the time comes, they also end the creation. No one is different from God Shiva, the Supreme Father God. We are all part of the living world, half of all creatures, small or big. why should we stay awake on mahashivratri.

Ganga-bathing is also of special importance on Mahashivaratri 2023, as it is believed that Lord Shiva, by holding the rapid flow of Ganga on his head, slowly left the earth to salvation this dead land.

why should we stay awake on mahashivratri


Shiva temples are very well decorated on the day of Mahashivaratri. Devotees fast for the whole day and stay fast. According to their convenience, they go to Shiva temples in the evening with fruits, plum, milk, etc. There, milk-mixed bathes the Shivling with pure water. After that, fruits, flowers, plum, and milk offers to the Shivling. It considers very virtuous to do so. Along with this, Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva, is also worshipped on this night. Why should we not sleep on mahashivratri.


According to the mythological texts and Vedas, there are 108 names of the Gods of Gods. There is a special story attached to each name of Mahadev. Mahadev’s name is also found in him because he is the father of all the Gods, the father of birth and the solution to all problems. 

Different types of name of Mahadev are: 

The name Chandrashekhar had to be worn on his head to save him from the end of the moon. Because of which he was called Chandrasekhar.

The name Neelkanth was attributed to him drinking the most deadly poison to protect the whole creation.

By the way, Shiva has many names like Pashupatinath, Trikaldarshi, Parvati Nath, Trilochan, Trinetradhari, Mahakal, Parampita, etc. He is also called Gangadhar. Can we sleep after mahashivratri night.

He was also named Gangadhar because of holding Ganga on his head, because when Ganga “died to save the people, Ganga was very strong due to which the entire death would be destroyed so to save it from destruction.” Lord Mahadev put on his hair and saved the world. Mahashivratri 2023.

 can we sleep after mahashivratri night
What is Story Mahashivratri :

The story of Mahashivrati begins from this In the past times, Chitrabhanu was a hunter. He used to run his family by hunting. He was a moneylender’s debtor but could not repay his loan in time. Many of us want to know anser of this question can we sleep next day of mahashivratri?. The angry moneylender caught the hunter once and made him Shivmath Mehi prisoner.  Coincidentally it was Shivratri that day. The hunter was listening very carefully to all the religious things related to Shiva.

He also heard the story of Shivaratri fast to the Chaturdi, and soon after evening, the moneylender called him and asked him to repay the loan, then the hunter got free of the bond by promising to return the loan the next day.

The next day, like his daily routine, he went hunting in the forest. But due to being on a captive planet throughout the day, he started to get disturbed by hunger and thirst. He went far away in search of prey. When it started getting dark, he thought that I would have to spend the night in the forest only when he saw the vine tree on the banks of the lake, he climbed on that tree and waited for the night to pass, and the Shivling was under the vine tree, which was covered with bell papers.

The last Part of the Story

The hunter did not even know that the branches he broke while making a halt Coincidentally fell on the Shivling. In this way, fasting and thirsty hunters also fasted throughout the day, and bell-sheets were also installed on the Shivling. At one o’clock in the night, a deer hunter came near the pond and started taunting that Hirani said, “Stop, I am pregnant.” You will not know one or two. You will feel guilty. So the hunter left him, and while entering Varan, some Bellapatra fell on the Shivling. Thus worshipped the hunter’s first watch.some of us want to know anwer of this question can we sleep after mahashivratri night.

can we sleep after mahashivratri night

After a while, a deer came again. Then the hunter gave his word. This time Hirani said, “I come now to meet my husband, then you kill me. When the hunter came inside, then some bell letters fell on the Shivling. Also worshipped The hunter’s second watch. He has completed The worship of the three guards of this type of hunter for one reason or another. can we sleep after mahashivratri night. Due to this, he fasted and worshipped him on the pretext of hunting and awakening.

In this way, he obtained salvation by worshipping Shiva, and when he died, he was being taken to Yama Lok. That the Shivagans sent him to Shiva Lok. With the grace of Shiva, in this birth of his life, King Chitrabhanu was able to remember his previous life and worshippedthe importance of Mahashivaratri and also followed it in his next life.

Conclusion :

On the day of Mahashivaratri, the person who worships Shiva with compassion attains salvation. Anyway, neither have spoken, they are happy soon. The worship of Mahadev celebrates with great pomp throughout India. Therefore, we should also have compassion for others in our minds. We should worship Shiva so that we can request to end all our sufferings.

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