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Why is Holi a festival of Colours?

The Festival of a "HOLI"


Why is Holi a festival of Colours? Holi is a festival in celebration of spring. Holi is additionally refer to as the yoga forest of spring. Even among our ancestors, the Holi competition was thought-about an emblem of mutual love. Holi is a festival of color, and the color is synonymous with Anand. The beauty of nature is also beautiful during the spring season. When the complete nature and, therefore, the lake area unit are rework, then kinsfolk additionally gets pleasure from the thrill of Holi.

Every festival celebrated in India has a particular purpose. Holi festival also has a special purpose. Holi’s story is based on the victory of good over evil.


Why is Holi a festival of Colours? People wake up early in the morning and take colors, go to their relatives and friends’ houses, play Holi with them, and in the market, this festival starts to appear 15 days in advance.

Colorful pitchers, varied colors, balloons area unit seen marketing at entirely different places. Nowadays, people buy different kinds of spectacles and colorful fake hair on Holi and have fun on the day of Holi.

The Festival of a "HOLI"

Wear it Not only the preparations for Holiday but also the preparations for Holika Dahan. People start 5-6 days in advance and start decorating the wood for Holika Dahan because this Holika Dahan is the beginning of positive burning negative thoughts.


Prahlada, a devotee of Lord Shri Hari, whose father’s name was Hiranyakashyap. Hiranyakashipa considered himself a king and started considering himself as a god. He did not like anyone who believed in Lord Shri Vishnu.

Hiranyakashyap’s son Prahlada, United Nations agency, was a zealous follower of Lord Shri Hindu deity. Once everybody came to grasp that he tried exhausting to prevent his son Prahlad from believing that the Hindu deity was Lord. However, Prahlad directly said that Shri Hari Malaysia Militant Group is everything, and this Shri Hindu deity Malaysia Militant Group is that the imperishable soul of the globe. So Hiranyakashyap did not like this and tried hard to kill his son Prahlad.

The Festival of a "HOLI"

Sometimes stones were thrown within the ocean and typical in boiling oil. However, Shri Hindu deity Malaysia Militant Group protected his follower Prahlada. Such Hiranyakashyap called his younger sister Holika and said that this time in Holika Dahan, you have the blessing of Lord Shiva by taking with you at night that no fire will be able to do anything to you, but nothing like this happened.

He got a boon from over Holika and fell on Prahlad’s head, and Prahlad survived. However, Holika got burnt and this follows continue to the current day.

Holika is burnt each year in Phalgun month, and therefore the Holi competition is wide known subsequent day. On Holi, all schools, colleges, government offices, all types of offices get a holiday. On Holiday everyone forgets all kinds of discrimination and hatred and starts a new friendship.


Why is Holi a festival of Colours? Before Holika Dahan, correct worship is to be done, associate an auspicious time is discover for the burn, then Holika is given hearth.

The Festival of a "HOLI"

On this day, keep water, flower garland, rice jaggery, and earrings of new ripe crop plants for worship. During the auspicious time of Holika Dahan, four garlands are offer to Holika. After this, Holika should be revolve three or seven times.

According to the scriptures, Holika Dahan should be done on the full moon date during Pradosh Kaal, and keep in mind that during the Bhadra period, Holika Dahan should not be done during this time. Holika Dahan is not considered auspicious during Bhadrakala.

The folks celebrate Holika eight days before Holi, the place of Holika Dahan is pure with Ganga water, and dry wood, dry Khas, dry dung, and Holi sticks square measure put in in it.

The day this work is finish day is additionally decide as Holashtak day. No auspicious work is finish until Holika Dahan within the several areas of the place wherever Holi Danda is installing.

 After that, every day from Holashtak to Holika Dahan is collect and put into wood. In this way, a pile of wood is form before the Holika Dahan. Then all the residents of the locality and the village do Holika Dahan and wish for a good life, and the children’s circle starts playing Holi.

The Festival of a "HOLI"

On this auspicious competition of Holi, which is wide known for five days. Holi competition is wide known in everyone’s homes by making sweets, thali, pakoras, kheer, whole vegetable, bhaji-shrikhand, and Puran-Poli.


Why is Holi a festival of Colours? Holi competition is wide known in varie ways that in various states. Holi is mainly celebrate for two days. On a primary day, Holika is lit, that is, Holika Dahan, and on the second day, all of us apply color to each entire different. There’s a dance song, Holi songs square measure sung by enjoying drums.

The second day is additionally refer to as Dhulendi. The program of applying color and singing to every different lasts until the time of day, once which individuals prefer to take a shower and relax so attend every other’s house within the evening sporting new garments.

In India, one sees Holi of Mathura and Vrindavan. The festival lasts for about 25 days here. Here, the Lathmar Holi of Brij is prevalent in India and in the whole world in which men paint colors on women. Women use them with sticks.

The Festival of a "HOLI"


  • Holi’s passion for play with colors and, therefore, the enthusiasm to cook Dish.
  • 2.On the day of Holi, one thing sweet is create in most of the homes.
  • 3.Gujiya could be a special dish during this sweet that is create from milk.
  •   4. Various types of namkeen and especially papad to eat.
  •  5. Special “Dhandai” is to drink.


Holi is a festival of happiness, but I will tell you some things about Holi that are very worth knowing.

On behalf of the water department, it has been report that many liters of water get wasted on Holi; and this time it is to be. So please do not use water as much as possible on Holi and celebrate Holi with Gulal, etc.

On the day of Holi, do not drive a vehicle, drink alcohol, etc. On this day celebrating Holi only means sharing happiness; but someone else’s house has to suffer due to some mistake.

You are requesting to please don’t consume alcohol, and if you are doing, lodge in-home and revel in Holi.

The Festival of a "HOLI"


HOLI is a festival of happiness. People with colors square measure currently immersed in their fun. An average person plays with colors, enjoys delicious food, and an immoral person celebrates the festival of Holi in his way. Holi festival is a social festival. The purpose of Holi is to forget all forms of discrimination, estrangement, hostility and build a friendship relationship. This is where the festival of Holi goes. The festival of Holi is of great importance, and the festival of Holi is a festival of unity and equality. Should share The joys of Holi and, if possible, forget all the grievances and start a new life Holi festival is a social festival.

The purpose of Holi is to forget all forms of discrimination, estrangement, hostility and build a friendship relationship. This is where the festival of Holi goes. The festival of Holi is of great importance, and the festival of Holi is a festival of unity and equality. Should share The joys of Holi with each other, and if possible, forget all the grievances and start a new life.

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