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why Glastonbury Festival is a famous festival?

Glastonbury Festival
why Glastonbury Festival is a famous festival?


Why Glastonbury Festival is a famous festival? The Glastonbury festival is a famous cultural European festival which takes place in Pilton, England, and Somerset in the United Kingdom. It is a performing arts festival. This festival continues for five consecutive days based on contemporary performing arts, music, comedy. Festival hosts dance, circus, and more. Various skilled artists participate in the performing arts of The Glastonbury festival. It is a different festival that earns immense newspaper and television coverage. Thousands of people attend the Glastonbury festival every year. 

Brief History 

The Glastonbury festival was inaugurated on 19 September 1970. Michael Eavis hosted the first Glastonbury festival. Around 1,500 people attended the first Glastonbury festival. This festival has made a record of 50 years. An organization named Glastonbury Festivals Ltd. organizes this event. Glastonbury festival conveys the traditional music, dance, singing, and poetry of Great Britain’s medieval era.

why Glastonbury Festival is a famous festival?

Why is the Glastonbury festival Observed?

why Glastonbury Festival is a famous festival? The Glastonbury Festival reflects British culture and heritage. This festival is recognized as a significant event of British culture, which is why this expensive Glastonbury festival observes. The primary purpose of arranging this festival is to keep up the ancient British tradition and heritage. This grand performing arts festival consists of old traditional song, dance, poetry, music, theatre, etc.

Why is the Glastonbury festival famous?

Glastonbury festival considers the most incredible greenfield music and arts performing festival in the world. This unique festival takes place on beautiful sites. The geographical location of this festival is perfect. 

Civilians from different regions can participate in this festival and Enjoy this Festival with their family members and relatives. This festival is full of diversity and the symbol of friendliness. Ancient British culture and arts represent in this festival which increases the pride of British culture. Glastonbury festival is world-famous for performing extravagant traditional art culture.

why Glastonbury Festival is a famous festival?

What happened at the Glastonbury festival?

why Glastonbury Festival is a famous festival? Traditional music, dancing, poetry, comedy, theatre, cabaret, circus, and other ancient arts perform in the Glastonbury festival. The proficient and trained performers perform in this festival. Every artist gets paying to perform at the festival. A specific organization organizes the Glastonbury festival. Thousands of people from different parts of the United Kingdom and Europe attend this largest greenfield music festival. 

This festival is trendy, and good infrastructure is created for the execution of the event—tight security arrangements at the festival—a great number of volunteers employed to protect and help the audience. There are suitable arrangements for water, food and electricity at the Glastonbury festival. Native people and tourists from outside enjoy this festival very much. Traditional arts and characteristics of the Glastonbury festival have gained prominence in front of the world.

why Glastonbury Festival is a famous festival?

Essential foods for Glastonbury Festival

Why do we Celebrate Glastonbury festival? There are some specific foods for the Glastonbury event. People who attend the festival must enjoy the festival by consuming these exceptional food items. Several restaurants and hotels are available around the place where this event takes place. Vendors are always ready to meet the demand of the food items of the audience attending the festival.

The specific foods eaten at The Glastonbury festival include The Bhangra Bus, Anna Mae’s, Burger Bear, Chapati Man, Chunky Chips, Wicked Dips, Crabbieshack, Eat The Farm, Dosa Deli, Le Rac Shack, Piggie Smalls, No Bones Jones, The Fruit Cup, The Cheese Truck, Lardos, etc. 

The foods mentioned above are the favourite foods of Britishers, and these foods are delicious to eat. They prepare uniquely. They are traditional foods of Britain.

Glastonbury FestivalGlastonbury Festival Stages

The Glastonbury festival was started in 1970. In size, this festival has covered 900 acres of land—numerous stages creating in different parts of Great Britain for organizing the Glastonbury festival. 

The Pyramid stage is the icon of the Glastonbury festival. This stage has unique features, which are built-in high technology. The Pyramid stage recognizes as the heart of the Glastonbury festival. Other extraordinary stages for The Glastonbury festival include The Park Stage, The Acoustic Stage, John Peel Stage, The Glade etc.


The Britishers respect their civilization-culture very much. They give immense value to their traditional culture. Glastonbury Festival demonstrates the ancient British conventional culture, which is of great importance to them.

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