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Why do we celebrate Kali Puja?



Why do we celebrate Kali Puja? Kali Puja is a significant festival in West Bengal. Kali Puja celebrates as a religious ritual. It is the second-largest festival celebrates After Durga Puja. Goddess Kali considers as another form of Goddess Durga. Goddess Kali had taken this form of killing many demons and playing other vital roles. Therefore can say that Kali is also another form of Goddess Durga. In Bengal, this Puja is performing on the day of Deepawali, while in India, Laxmi Puja and Deepawali also occur on this day. Kali Puja has special significance in West Bengal, but Kali Puja celebrates with great faith in the states of Assam and Orissa.


Kali Puja is the central religious worship. A legend mention from the beginning of Kali Puja. According to this mythology, there were two solid and majestic demons name Shumbha and Nishumbha. They used to torture saints and gods a lot. Distressed by the atrocities of both of them, all the saints and deities went to the shelter of Goddess Durga and prayed for the destruction of demons.


Goddess Durga became extremely angry on hearing the atrocities inflicted on her by the faces of all the saints and deities and immediately took the form of Kali to kill the demons. Mother Kali wore this form to destroy the monsters, but even after Shumbha and NishumbhaMother Kali’s anger did not calm down. Seeing their formidable and fierce forms and destructive power, when the gods realized that if they did not immediately calm the anger of Goddess Kali, they would destroy the entire world in a short time.

 All the gods became distraught, tried to calm the Goddess’s anger, and tried to convince them, but they failed. Then all the gods went to Lord Shankar and lay down on the ground in front of Goddess Kali to calm the anger of Lord Shankar Devi. As soon as mother Kali placed her foot on Lord Shankar, seeing Lord Shankar, all his rage subsided, and his tongue came out with surprise. This form of Maa Kali worship in Bengal.



Why do we celebrate Kali Puja? There are many devotees of Maa Kali who make a profound sense of the birth of Maa Kali. All of them believe that the demons refer to the bad feelings going on in the human brain. Kali refers to the source of power, while Lord Shiva is considering a symbol of knowledge. With the help of expertise, management helps overcome bad feelings and walk on the path of truth. We also know Kali Puja as Mahanisha Puja. This Puja is celebrating with great enthusiasm in Bengal, Tripura, Orissa, and Assam, etc., mainly in eastern India. The date of worship of Goddess Kali is on the new moon day of Kartik month. The festival of lamps, i.e., Deepawali, is celebrating in India, and Lord Ganesha and Lakshmi Puja perform simultaneously. Kali Puja also celebrates.

 According to Hindu scriptures, the night of Kali Puja has special significance. On this day, many people also worship them to please their mother, Kali. Kali Puja has particular importance because Mother Kali fulfills the wishes and wishes of all her devotees on this day. According to planetary constellations, every year, Kali Puja is performing inauspicious time. It receives unique benefits.



In the idol of Goddess Kali, Goddess Kali has seen in a monstrous form. There are no clothes on their body. She is wearing a garland of demons around her neck. Their hair is matted, and their hair is scattered. Mother Kali has one leg on Lord Shiva’s bodyMother Kali’s tongue remains to protrude outward, causing the demons’ blood to drip.


Why do we celebrate Kali Puja? The crowd can see Kali Puja in West Bengal of devotees. Huge idols of mother Kali also made and made to sit in it. Many different size pandals also install, which have different types of carvings. In which there is a lot of movement and a crowd of devotees. People are busy preparing for Kali Puja with great enthusiasm.

Generally, the brightness of Kali Puja is not less than that of Durga Puja. Despite this, this Puja conducts with a great enthusiasm with the reverence and faith of the people. We often get to see different types of attractive themes in Puja events. The opening of the Pandals attends by significant artists, which many people listen to. The festival of Bhoot Chaturdashi is also celebrates in Bengal 1 day before Kali Puja. Goddess Kali is especially Worship in the Tarapith temple on this occasion. The priests of the temples say that they burned 14 lamps after Lord Sri Ramachandra returned from exile, remembering the same as this special Puja.


On the Amavasya date of this Kartik month, Shri Ramchandra Ji returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile, and people show their happiness and enthusiasm by lighting it. On this day, colorful rangolis also made in the house, and firecrackers burnt. There is a belief in Kali Puja in Bengal that offering sacrifices of animals in front of Mother Kali pleases the Goddess. On this day, goats, sheep, etc., are sacrificed on the Goddess, which many people are shocked to see. People believe that for all these reasons, the mother is pleased and blessed.


In Kali Puja, the people doing worship Goddess Kali, which also maintains people’s faith. It said that worshiping Goddess Kali on this day leads to the attainment of special attainments and the increase of wealth. People worship Goddess Kali to fulfill their desire. Mother Kali has special blessings on her devotees on this day, due to which the negative thoughts and positive thoughts enter the house of the devotees.

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