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Why do we celebrate Govardhan Puja after Diwali?

Why Govardhan Puja celebrates after Diwali?
How People celebrate Govardhan puja?

Why do we celebrate Govardhan Puja after Diwali?

We celebrate Govardhan Puja because is the major festival of Hindus which is always celebrated after Diwali. This festival is mainly a festival that celebrates farmers, Yadavas and shepherds, etc. It is celebrating all over India. But it has special significance in North India. It falls on the fourth day of the 5-day Diwali festival and generally on the next day of Diwali. It is celebrating on the first date of Shukla Paksha of Kartik month according to the Hindu calendar.

Govardhan Pujais the day of worship of Lord Shri Krishna and Govardhan Parvat. Govardhan mountain is also a gift of nature. All of us, animals, trees, plants, insects, kites, and the things present on the earth are also the gift of nature. Therefore, we are all indebted to nature. We can never repay its debt, so we should appreciate nature and everything present in it and never misuse it, and we should always protect them.

Why we celebrate Govardhan Puja after Diwali?

yes ,we celebrates Govardhan puja on the next Diwali . In the Hindu culture people believes that this festival brings happiness and connectivity between each other. This festival most celebrates by the civilians of Uttar Pradesh, India because as we know Uttar Pradesh, India is the birth place of Shri Krishna. on this festivals most civilians do worshipping of their tools and machinery. This festival also associates with cows (Gaumata) because as we cows role in Hindu dharma or religion is very precious. Shri Krishna was also loving cows very much and doing worshipping of cows. In the free time they have to go to the govardhan parvat (mountain) with their cows in morning and evening time.

Why Govardhan Puja is celebrated

The festival of Annakoot is celebrating on the first day of Kartik Shukla Paksha on the second day of Deepawali. According to the legend, the festival of Annakoot started in Dwapara Yuga because Lord Krishna offered the Govardhan Parvat and cooked food for cow worship. Hence the name of this day was Annakoot.

How People celebrate Govardhan puja?

What should we do on GOVARDHAN PUJA

Govardhan Pooja is a kind of nature worship that we all worship Govardhan thanks to Lord Krishna’s Leela and thank nature. Because of which our livelihood goes on.

The peasant organists mainly celebrate Govardhan Puja. The farmer gets grain with the help of nature, and the cow is completely dependent on nature for the animals, due to which the livelihood of the farmer, cow, or every animal living on nature.

In this puja, all the people wake up in the morning and take a bath. Fresh dishes are made in the kitchen of the house. The idol of cow, of Govardhan Parvat, of Shri Krishna, of farm implements is made by mixing cow dung and soil.

After the puja, the whole family takes food together. Residents of Mathura perform seven revolutions of Mount Govardhan on this day. In this puja, milk, curd, Gangajal, honey, Batashe are offered as Prasad and then distributed among the devotees so that all the devotees can receivethe blessings of Mount Govardhan and nature as Prasad.

What is the Importance of Govardhan Puja

We celebrate Govardhan puja after the Diwali with great pomp and show. Our life cannot be complete without nature. In this worship, all human beings show their gratitude towards all-natural things like nature, trees, flowers, wind, mountain, plateau, sun, sunlight. Human nourishes only by eating vegetables, milk, fruits obtained from the heart.

No human being can survive without nature. All the edible crops and vegetables grow on the earth, earth (soil). By worshipping Govardhan, we thank God that he has nourished us by giving us various natural things.

How People celebrate Govardhan puja?

Why the Cows is Important in Govardhan Puja :

The Govardhan puja is celebrated after the Diwali with full of joy and happiness. On the day of Govardhan Puja, everyone bathes their cows and bellows. They then worshipped with Kumkum, haldi, flowers, incense, sandalwood, etc. The cows are fed as dish offerings. Their aarti performed, and circumambulation is done. All the cows are decorates with Dupatas, payals, flowers, Mor Pankh etc., and many other rituals performed by the civilians for their cows on this day.

What is the Story of Govardhan Parvat :

Once Devraj Indra became very arrogant. To dispel his ego, Shri Krishna created a Lila in the avatar of Vishnu. On that day, all the Brijwasis prepare different dishes, and preparations being done by the civilians for the worship. At that time, Shri Krishna was a child. He asked his mother Yashoda — “Maaya, what are all the Brijwasis preparing for worship?” Yashoda said- We are all preparing for Annakoot Puja of Devraj Indra, Shri Krishna ask, why do we all worship Devraj Indra? Yashoda Maiya replied that Devraj Indra is the God of rain.

His grace leads to good rainfall, and our crops grow. To thank them, we all worship Annakoot. This gives us food, and our cows also get fodder. Lord Shri Krishna said that if our cow goes to Govardhan mountain and eats grass, all Brajvas should worship Govardhan mountain. Indra never gives a vision.

How People celebrate Govardhan puja?

In this way, Lord Krishna created his Lila, and all Brajvas worshipped Govardhan Parvat, not Indra. This angered Devraj Indra. He started feeling disrespected. Enraged, Devraj Indra began to torrential rain (rain). They wanted to submerge Mathura in water and punish all Braj people. Gradually, the rains took a formidable form, and there was water everywhere. All Brij residents started calling Krishna very bad. Muralidhar (Shri Krishna Bhagwan) tied the Bansi on his waist and lifted the entire Govardhan Parvat on the little finger and any of the Brajwasi haven’t get wet in the rain.

What is the Story of Govardhan Parvat on Lord Krishna Little finger

The Govardhan puja is celebrated after the Diwali on this day all the people with their cows and calves came under the Govardhan mountain. Lord Krishna Is giving Protection to Everyone. Indra became even angrier upon seeing the Leela of Shri Krishna. He started torrential rain (rain). Then Sheshnag stopped the rains from coming towards the Govardhan parvat by making rams. Devraj Indra became angry and showered torrential rain for seven days. But all the Brijwasis who took refuge in Govardhan Parvat and below it were completely safe.

How People celebrate Govardhan puja?

How the Devraj Indra ego was crushed?

He should understand that Krishna is none other than Brahma himself. Indra went to Brahma and told all the things. Brahma Ji said that Krishna is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Devraj returned to Indra Krishna and apologized. After this mythological event, all the residents of Mathura started worshipping Govardhan Parvat. Since then, Govardhan Puja is perform’s by the peoples on the next day of Deepawali. On this day, cow bulls do bath and color. A new rope is inserting around their neck. Cow bulls are getting gud and rice.

How People celebrate Govardhan puja?

Govardhan Pooja is not only an ego-breaking legend but also emphasizes more importance on the environment. Shri Krishna God had broken the ego of Indra Dev, and we should not deny it either. One should always stay away from amorphous disorder. Govardhan Puja gives importance to cow dung and cow. Govardhan Puja, which Lord Shri Krishna started in Dwapar Yuga, we Indians have been following it until today and will continue to play until the festival’s creation is celebrating worldwide.

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