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What is the Story of Celebrating Diwali Festival?

The Festival Of Deepawali


What is the Story of Celebrating Diwali Festival? India is a country of diversity where there is unity in diversity too. People of all religions live together in India, who have complete freedom to celebrate their beloved festival.

This is the festival of Hindus. The name knows Diwali of the celebration of light, lamp, a festival of lights, etc. This Festival is well known as the competition of lights, as this competition brings confidence and progress for all.

People look at different festivals in the festival of Deepawali; and they take pleasure in celebrating their festival according to their perspective. The celebration of Deepawali brings the light of joy, enthusiasm, and knowledge to people’s lives. The purpose of this festival is to promote social unity, eliminate discrimination, and bring equality.

The festival of Deepawali is taken into account as a Festival of sunshine or Festival of data. But like the ignorant people, fireworks at it. Firecrackers burst, causing so much pollution, due to which people are putting their own lives in danger.

The Festival Of Deepawali


What is the Story of Celebrating Diwali Festival? on Diwali? Sanskrit was a lot of widely spoken in ancient times thanks to that. The day was given the name of Diwali within the Indo-Aryan language at that point, which means that a row of lamps; that the folks of AYODHYA proved by lighting the lamps in rows.

There is a which means hidden behind this word that offers the U.S.A. the message of success of excellent over evil; victory of knowledge over ignorance. The victory of cleanliness over impurity, and victory of light over darkness. On this day, people try to eradicate the blinds by lighting the lamps in a row; because they rip the evening and inspire everyone to make light.

In the present times, the sound of DEEPAVALI bus Lada Ko has become a center of pollution. On Deepawali, the breakdown is so much that the balance of the atmosphere is disturb. We should understand that light is also the purpose and meaning of Deepawali.


LANKAPATI RAVANA was a demon who was a great Shiva devotee; who was denied that there was no one more powerful than the Supreme; who had enslaved the nine planets.

The Festival Of Deepawali

One day RAVANA kidnapped Sita Mata, wife of Shri Purushottam Ram, in his ego and wanted to marry Sita Mata. Then Shri Rama invaded Lanka with the help of HANUMAN Ji and the entire VANAR SENA.

Every pillar of Ravana’s Lanka should have Rama his Anuj Lakshmana Hanuman Ji and all the monkey army block or scholar Sri Lanka’sLanka’s. In the end, RAMJI killed his brother RAVANA with the assistance of VIBHISHAN, that is well-known twenty-one days before Diwali as Dussehra.

Finally, Shri Rama returned to AYODHYA with SITA Mata. The people of AYODHYA illuminated the entire city and started dancing to the joy of their arrival. Since then, this festival is celebrate as Deepawali.


What is the Story of Celebrating Diwali Festival? People start cleaning a few days before the day of Deepawali, but many people are such that after the arrival of Dussehra, they start cleaning and cleaning the house so that their home looks clean and clean.

The Festival Of Deepawali

It is believe that the Hindu deity, the immortal of wealth, inhabits the house wherever there’s cleanliness. Within the place wherever the girl is revered, Mata Hindu deity resides in this house, which home is continuously happy and complete.

Due to cleaning in the right and more days, many kinds of insects, mosquitoes, birds make their place in the house, which needs proper cleaning to remove them. On this day people along with cleaning their house, as well as arranging their home furnishing well. In the festival of Deepawali, we clean the houses and remove the dirty ideology, misbehavior, and inferiority towards anyone.


Before the day of Deepawali, people clean their house and make it clean and pure so that Goddess Lakshmi can inhabit their home. On the occasion of Deepawali day, markets square measure thronged as individuals obtain new garments, candles, toys, firecrackers, bombs, sweets, Rangoli creating colors, utensils, and plenty of things to embellish the house, because of which individuals have several edges from. On the day of Deepawali, people make complete preparations for Lakshmi Pujan, Misthans, dishes, etc., at their homes.


The festival of Deepawali holds more importance for children because after hearing the name of Deepawali, thoughts about sweets, toys, clothes, firecrackers, etc., start coming into children’s minds.

The Festival Of Deepawali

For Diwali, several competitions for kids square measure organized in colleges, like races, decorating contests, rangoli competitions, sports competitions, story competitions, etc. Kids participate extensively, so the winner is highly honore—gifts square measure given beside. Besides, kids also are told to require precautions relating to fireworks and firecrackers.


The religious significance of the festival of Deepawali is its economic importance as people buy many things on the celebration of Deepawali. There is a lot of crowd in the markets.

On the day of Diwali, individuals obtain new garments, home items, gifts, jewelry, etc. Nowadays, searching and defrayment square measure thought-about auspicious, which could signify the arrival of immortal Hindu deity Malaysia Militant Group of wealth and prosperity. Today is considere the day to shop for gold and jewelry in the Asian nation as a result of nowadays, all individuals square measure at the height of their defrayment.

The Festival Of Deepawali


On today, once the gods and demons churne the ocean, immortal Hindu deity Malaysia Militant Group was born throughout that ocean churning. Because of that, nowadays, the day was call as Mahalakshmi Puja, and because of today, the flush immortal Hindu deity is additionally worshipe.

Goddess Hindu deity is worshipe throughout the night on the phase of the moon of Kartik month; she is happy by singing her aarti, songs, and bhajans. When the puja, prasad is distribute among all the individuals, and greetings and greetings to every different on the competition of Deepawali.


What is the Story of Celebrating Diwali Festival? There is also another aspect of the festival of Deepawali, which we keep on promoting every year, unknowingly. Fireworks and crackers burst in this second aspect. All these things have nothing to do with the festival of Deepawali, but still, people use it extensively.

The Festival Of Deepawali

There is no historical or mythological description of these that firecrackers and fireworks were conjointly employe in the past; however, pollution will increase once a year. People think of money as dust and play gambling with it, which is not good. People of today do not hold back from messing with the environment for the fun of their few moments and risk their lives as well.

Today the whole world is struggling with its problems due to pollution and wants to find a solution, but there is only one solution. We are saving trees and forests. Today, we tend to square measure reaching to forget nature within the race to induce ahead, World Health Organization provided North American nation with medicines crammed with such a large amount of winners, World Health Organization gave the North American government the treatment, we tend to do an equivalent, we tend to square measure solely doing an equal, that is, we tend to do our damage within the future and pollution is a significant threat to our future generations. Therefore we should always use caution and defend nature.


When we celebrate a festival, We are very easy to think and remember its origin and purpose while observing it. When we buy goods from big shops on this festival. They exaggerate the price, due to which inequality can also come. So by purchasing goods from small shops, distributing some of their items to the poor, instead of electricity fighters. By burning things, celebrating Diwali without dropping firecrackers, etc. We make this festival more enthusiastic and safe. So you should stay away from such things as much as possible which can harm others as well as others.

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