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What is being celebrated on Victory Day?

A day of freedom- Victory Day

What is being celebrated on Victory Day? Russia has various cultures and traditions in small and large-scale events held throughout the year across the country. Victory Day is a holiday that celebrates the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945. Victory Day remains one of the most critical and emotional dates in Russia.

Celebration of the Day 

Victory Day celebrates on May 9. Victory Day is a public holiday. It is a day off for the public, society, schools, and most businesses closed. There may be changes in public transport roads due to parades and street performances. The anniversary of Nazi Germany’s defeat, which Russia names Victory Day, is the country’s most important holiday. The celebration begins with a parade and later watches the fireworks at night on Victory Day. The largest march held in Moscow’s Red Square, showcasing Russia’s military forces. In different types of languages, broadcasting television networks translate the “Victory speech” of the Russian president and the parade on Red Square for viewers all over the world, making the parade one of the world’s most-watched events of the year.

The reason behind Victory Day :

What is being celebrated on Victory Day? The downfall of Nazi Germany is the second most widely celebrates holiday after New Year.

An Act signed by Nazi Germany of Unconditional Surrender in a suburb of Berlin on the night of May 8, 1945, Berlin time, was already May 9 in Moscow due to the difference in time zones. It implied the end of the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union, an essential part of World War II lasting from 1939 to 1945.

According to official statistics, the awful war claimed about 27 million people from the Soviet Union.

A day of freedom- Victory Day

The tradition of the day 

The day is traditionally reflect by ceremonial military parades with the most well-known Moscow Red Square.

What is being celebrated on Victory Day? The format of the military parade varies from year to year. Many people visit a local military parade and attend the fireworks at night on Victory Day. However, most masters wear their medals as they head to the train or an event organized by a local master organization. 

Another tradition is to give flowers, usually red carnations, to masters in the street and to lay crowns at the war memorial sites. In addition, neighbourhood schools may host a program prepared by the students, playing up wartime songs and poetry. Bands drum out joyous songs, people cheer, wave flags and banners, some even dance, and a truck-load of fireworks set off at the end of it.

Russia’s traditional food is pirozhki, a dough fill with meat or mashed potato, pelmeni, cakes, and pies for dessert.

How and why do Russians celebrate Victory Day?

  • Power: Victory Day only made a public holiday in the late ’60s, and it done to win public approval of the then-party secretary.
  • Pride: Though Russians might not take pride in the horrible mistakes of Stalin during WW2, they do have massive respect for the ordinary civilians who protected their country.
  • Paradise: Huge military shows might used to stoke public support for the army and government in general.
  • Poignancy: Many citizens feel about the government’s flowery approach to the holiday. 

How many countries took part in the Russian victory parade?

China, India, Serbia, France, the United Kingdom, United States, Poland, and Mongolia participated in the victory parade.

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