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What happens at the Venice Carnival?

The Carnival of Venice

What is the Carnival Of Venice?

What happens at the Venice Carnival? The famous European festival Carnival of Venice was held in the city of Venice in Italy. It’s an annual event observed every year in Venice. The Carnival festival is significant from the historical aspect. Furthermore, the Venetian Carnival festival has some unique characteristics, which makes it a popular Carnival event.

Why do we celebrate the Carnival of Venice?

The Carnival of Venice festival celebrates military victory day every year. This tradition started in 1162 when the Venetian Republic won over the enemy Patriarch of Aquileia, Ulrico di Trevin. This festival observes for around two weeks. First, the people of Venice assembled in Saint Mark’s Square in Venice and celebrated their military victory with a dance. Since then, the people of Venice have been celebrating the military victory in the streets of Venice.

When the Carnival of Venice celebrates?

The Carnival of Venice celebrates around fourteen days i. e., two weeks; and it usually ends on Shrove Tuesday, which is the day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. The date of the duration of The Carnival of Venice varies every year. In 2022, this festival will start on Saturday, 12 February, and end on Tuesday, 11 March, i.e., Shrove Tuesday.

The Carnival of Venice

How do we celebrate the Carnival festival?

What happens at the Venice Carnival? The Carnival festival Celebrates for a few days in a specific season of the year; and the festival celebrates by Civilians everywhere in the city of Venice. The festival is full of fun and joy. During the festival, people indulge in dance, music, and parties in a festive mood. People put on special costumes at this festival.

Mask is an indispensable part of this festival, and this mask-wearing makes this festival unique and extraordinary worldwide. Everyone dances and sings in the streets and squares in the celebration. The Carnival of Venice festivals observes Venice’s ancient buildings, streets, and the dimensions of the Saint Mark’s squares. The traditional artisans of Venice use their speciality in manufacturing the equipment of this festival, like masks, glass, gondolas, laces etc.

In this event, thousands of tourists and native Venetians involve. This festival celebrates with great pomp. At the festival, all civilians wear masks. so this can hide the status of rich and poor; and due to which people of all classes gather and enjoy this festival together. Some days of the event are very special for Venetian. They break away from routine life and immerse themselves in this festival’s celebration for a few days. This festival reflects the history and heritage of Venice.

Carnival Masks

What happens at the Venice Carnival? Carnival masks have specific dignity; and wearing masks in the celebration of this event is the central part of the Carnival of Venice. The trend of mask-wearing in this event started in the 13th century. The sophisticated traditional masks are designed with great technique. These offbeat masks are made in Peppier Mache and decorates with several precious and beautiful things; like gold, features, laces, leaf, glass, etc.

The Carnival of Venice

Carnival masks are usually white, and the unique mask covers crystal discs with a distinctive hollow beak and round eye-holes, which create an eyewitness effect. Using Carnival masks in this festival is purely a modern tradition. The Carnival masks of the present are more- gorgeous and attractive than earlier.

The Carnival masks are of many types. The main types of Carnival masks include Moretta, Bauta, gaga, maraschino, Pant alone, Colombian etc. The Colombian mask has special features. It is a beautiful multi-colour mask covering the mask wearer’s half-face, i.e., eyes, nose, and upper cheeks. Each kind of mask has some specialities.

Why is the Carnival of Venice world-famous?

The Carnival of Venice festival is one of the most famous festivals around the world. This festival has charming characteristics which reflect Italian culture and heritage. Venetian carnival is known for its extravagant masks. Using masks in various types and colours is the basis of this festival. This festival is world-famous for its distinctive masks.


The Carnival of Venice conveys the identity of Italian culture. It’s a unique festival all over the world. This festival has enhanced the pride of Italy in front of the world. Carnival of Venice became very popular during the eighteenth century; when elites from all over the world would participate in this great Carnival annual festival in Venice.

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