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What are the ways to celebrates Onam festival?


Introduction :

What are the ways to celebrates Onam festival? Onam is the largest and most important festival in Kerala or a harvest festival and is celebrating by the people with joy and enthusiasm by all the digging people across the state. 

They celebrate at the beginning of the month of Chingam, the first month of the Malayalam calendar, Kollavarsham, or August according to the Gregorian calendar corresponding to September. Waiting for the Poonam festival, children and young people accompany all the people of Kerala. The celebration of Poonam marks the journey of King Mahabali or the festival destroying the ego.

The Government of India has taken proper notice of this vibrant and colorful festival or promotes them internationally. During those festivities and Celeberations is to be call as Tourist Week for Kerala. Thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visit Kerala to become part of Onam.



What are the ways to celebrates Onam festival? Onam is an important festival for the people of Kerala. It usually falls in August or September. Men, women, and children from Kerala eagerly look forward to this celebration. It is celebrating by the people all over Kerala for four days with great pomp, show, zeal, and enthusiasm. It is an occasion for the utmost joy, celebration, and upliftment. With the arrival of Onam, the atmosphere of Kerala was overload with dance and drama, songs and music, sports, and all kinds of sports. 

The Onam festival continues for four days. During these times, the young Naukanya of Kerala take a bath, wear beautiful clothes, and throw flowers. With these flowers, they prepare Rangoli to welcome the king. Statues of King Mahabali and Lord Vishnu have been install. The lamps illuminate, incense is lit, and prayers and worship have been performed.

On the last day of Onam

On the last day of Onam, Rangoli is immersing in a river or seawater. Onam is the biggest festival of joy and bliss in Kerala. On this occasion, Kathakali and other famous dances arranged and celebrate. The young maidens of Kerala draped in white saris. They decorate their dark and beautiful hair with garlands of flowers.


They sing sweet songs, perform sweet music, and perform beautiful dances. God took in procession on tastefully decorated elephants. The spectacle is accompanied by drum beats, trumpet playing, and dance and music performances. It is a fascinating scene. The Most Attractive Feature of this festival is Boat Race. This is a very thrilling and exciting water sport.

In the race boats which take part, they do their ship fully decorated with flowers and all. From a distance, they look like the bed of Lord Vishnu with the hood of Serpentnag at one end, its tail at the other. Boats has decorated with flags, buntings, flowers, leaves, and flowers. The sailors sitting in them pursue them with great agility and eagerness. Sailing competitions are a very thrilling aspect of the festival. Children shoot arrows with a bow. It is a rare pleasure for him.

Onam festival is closely related to farming and farmers. Farmers worship Shravan Devta and Pushpadevi for the safety and good yield of their crops. The joy of harvesting arouses new hope and confidence in the minds of people.

On the Occasion of the Onam festival, a traditional feast ceremony organize. In this ceremony and sweet dishes, nine delicious dishes are prepare, in which chips, Kallam, Olam, Dawa, ghee, sambar, banana, and papad are mainly made. These dishes are served on banana leaves. People wish their friends, relatives, and family for this festival.



Onam festival is the main festival of Kerala and is also known as the National Festival of KeralaIn Kerala, the Onam festival lasts for ten days; the people in homes do worship. The people inside their houses take flowers and plants. For this, flowers are decorating in a circle in a clean room, decorated for eight consecutive days. On the ninth day, kept a statue of Lord Vishnu inside the house. In whose worship the people of the house are present, and people sing songs. The time of Shravan Devta and Ganapati is worship at night, and the idol immerses on the 10th day.


What are the ways to celebrates Onam festival? Onam festival has great importance. He gives us some special knowledge on each one for the people of Kerala and each one. Each festival has a feature that destroys vices in one way or the other. In this sequence, Poonam also beats ego disorder and shows the journey of King Mahabali.

According to the Puranas and Vedas, it’s wrong to travel or get over needed. During this sequence, The Hindu deity Emperor King island additionally needed to become the ruler of Trilok. Despite that, they still had everything. King Bali had an arrogance that there is no one powerful in this matter. To end this ego, Lord Vishnu Dev incarnated Vamana Dev and took away everything from him.

This festival tells us that King Bali is shaped like an end and represents the journey from the unrighteous to the charitable.



This is the story of Rakshasa Raj, the great emperor King Mahabali who ruled Mahabalipuram in ancient times. King Mahabali did not bring his subjects. He has deeply loved him. The people of Mahabalipuram were pleased and prosperous. He respected and respected the king as a god of heaven. The king aroused the Rasiya of the gods of heaven. He prayed to Lord Vishnu to stop King Mahabali from moving towards Sir.

Then Lord Vishnu reached his Vamana avatar Leo King island. He remembered and donating to Brahmin. Then Lord Vamana’s avatar visited the king and needed Bhoodan as his want. It said that whoever could meditate or put a desire in the picture format in front of the king and said, I want three steps of land.

At the last of the Story

King Bali was a god but suffered from size disorder. For this reason, without thinking, the king gave a promise to Vamana Dev. Then Vamana Dev increased his size to conquer the universe and measured the entire universe in one step measuring three steps. In the second step, was the planet measurement as a full, and there was left no land for the third step, then the king places his face before and aforesaid, Vamana Dev, you must place your third facet on this so that I will fulfill my promise and may give three steps of land.


Then Vamana Dev placed his third step on the king’s head and took him to Hades. Seeing this love of King island, Hindu deity terrorist group was happy; and gave him a boon that Hindu deity would forever dwell in his kingdom, prosperity would stay, and Hindu deity terrorist group would forever shield the dominion of King island because of the gatekeeper. As long as he continues on the path of righteousness, Vishnu will remain his gatekeeper until then.


This Festival is of happiness and excitement. These days is extremely Important for the People of Kerala Because this Festival is also known as the National Festival of Kerala. The festival named that one is colorful and fills happiness in everyone’s life. It teaches us that we should destroy vices and follow the oath.

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