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The Hanuman Jayanti 2024 According to the Hindu calendar in the Republic of India; Hanuman Jayanti conjointly referred to as Hanuman Janmotsava, celebrates Chaitra Purnima. It is a Hindu festival celebrating every year to commemorate Lord Hanuman on his birth anniversary. Hanuman Jayanti varies in date in different parts of the nation. According to different states in the Republic of India, it’s celebrating throughout Chaitra, Vaishakha, and Dhanu.

The date of Hanuman jayanti is Tue, Apr 23, 2024. Hanuman Jayanti believes in bringing blessings and success in life and protecting us, contrary to sinful and immoral acts. According to Hinduism, it is an auspicious day. So Hindu individuals worship him to receive strength and defend themselves from negativity around them. Hindu people gathered in Hanuman temples on this day to offer him prayer and perform religious Puja. Hanuman devotees provide Prasad in return by the temple’s priests in the form of blessings; sweets ,flowers, fruits, vermilion, Holy ash, and sacred water. Hindu individuals even celebrate nowadays by narrating completely different sacred non-secular songs and hymns; like the Hanuman Chalisa and reciting holy texts from the sacred books of Sanskrit literature and Mahabharata. As per Hindu Mythology, Lord Hanuman is appraising as the most mighty being in the entire kingdom of the universe.


Different ways to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti:

Hanuman ji devotees celebrate this day by visiting Hanuman ji temples and put vermilion Tika on their forehead from Lord Hanuman’s statue. According to Hindu mythology once Lord Hanuman ji detected Hindu deity mythical being victimization vermilion on her forehead. He found that she would do it for her husband, Lord Ram, to achieve a prolonged age. Lord Hanuman then went ahead to try to identify by applying vermilion on his whole body to make sure that Lord Ram attain long life.

In South India, Hanuman Jayanti 2024 commemorates New Moon day in the month of Dhanu. Popular Hanuman ji temples in India celebrate Hanuman Jayanti 2024 according to Hindu rituals and takes immense pride in it. In other parts of India like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Diksha is observing by Diksha for 41 days; starting on Chaitra Purnima and ending on the 10th day amidst Vaishaka.

In Maharashtra, it observes the full moon day as per the Hindu calendar. A unique attribute of Hanuman Jayanti 2024 is that, as per a few religious calendars; the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman ji observe on the 14th day of Ashvin. Hindu individuals, on these days, nonsecular talks begin throughout sunrise as Lord Hanuman ji took a birth amidst morning. At now, they got food within the type of Prasad to everyone. Some Hindu people even keep fast and perform religious Puja, path, and Anusthan. 


How to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti?

During Hanuman Janmotsava 2024, People decorating Hanuman ji temples with Flowers, lightning and perform religious Puja according to Hindu rituals to Lord Hanuman for receiving blessings and protection against a hostile environment. They apply vermillion to Lord Hanuman to seek acceptance in the form of Tilak; on their forehead and Prasad from Lord Hanuman ji.

The birthday of Lord Hanuman ji is observing on two different dates annually in India, according to the various religious calendar. The first being on the full moon day of Chaitra; and the other being celebrate on the Krishna Paksha of the Kartik month. Simultaneously, within the future, observe as a result of the birthday of remembrance and the different day due to the Vijay Abhinandan ceremony.

Hanuman Jayanti commemoration to raise spiritual consciousness:

Hanuman Jayanti 2024 observes to achieve conquest contrary to negativity and seek protection. On an auspicious day, followers of Lord Hanuman commemorate him to receive his blessings in the form of Prasad; by the priests of Lord Hanuman’s temple.


Hanuman Jayanti 2024 is a significant festival of the Hindus. Hanuman Janmotsav 2024 is one of the greatest festivals of the Hindu people in India and around the world. Lord Hanuman ji is a wholehearted follower of Lord Ram; and recognizes his love, respect, and determination of loyalty towards Lord Ram. Lord Hanuman ji is the metaphor of power and energy. Devotees worship him to bestow with strength, vitality, and dedication like him. As per Hindu mythology, he’s not to presume to need, hold any celestial arms, carry mountains, fly across the wind, hold the clouds, and equally challenge Hindu deity among flight speed.

Why is Hanuman Jayanti commemorate?

Lord Hanuman ji took birth on the hills of Anjaneri. His mother, Anjana, was an Associate in Nursing angel of Indralok World Health Organization, took delivery on earth because of a hex. She was forecast to urge a unleash from this hex solely on the biological process to Lord Hanuman ji . According to the tales of Ramayana, his father, Kesari, was the son of Jupiter; he was the emperor of Sumeru. Anjana observed great prayers for 12 years to Rudra to born Lord Hanuman ji . Happy with her prayers, Rudra bestowed her with a son. In other folktales, he believes to be the manifestation of Rudra himself.

Lord Hanuman ji is the Child of the child of the Wind God. As per Hindu mythology, some even believe that Lord Vayu had an immense role in the birth of Lord Hanuman ji. Lord Hanuman ji is a belove buff of Lord Ram for his heart, respect, and determination. Lord Hanuman is worshipping as an indication of power and energy and receives immense blessings for well-being, strength, and protection contrary to negativity.


Some of the significant throwbacks of Lord Hanuman:

Lord Hanuman is an iconic personality in the Hindu mythology of Ramayana. He was conjointly calling the “child of Lord Hindu deity,” usually “Pawan Putra.” Lord Hanuman is commemorating for his exceptional fearless triumph, power, devotion, and faithfulness. The tale of Ramayana states him as a real admirer of Lord Ram. Lord Hanuman was among the four monkeys who help provide valuable details about Sita to Lord Ram. Together with his monkey squads, he created a flyover across the seas and omitted the bridge to conclude by defeating the devils and emotional Devi mythical being.

Importance of Hanuman Jayanti Festival:

According to the tales of Ramayana, his mother Anjana offered great prayers for 12 years to Rudra to give birth to Lord Hanuman. Happy with her immense blessings, Rudra offers her a son. According to other Hindu folk tales, he suspects to be the manifestation of Rudra himself.

Hanuman Ji believes to be the child of the Wind God. Some even suspect that Lord Vayu had a significant character to perform during the birth of Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is the greatest buff of Lord Ram to possess heart, respect, loyalty, and determination. Lord Hanuman Ji is worshipping as the sign of power and energy and granted immense blessings for the good life, management, and protection against negativity.



Hanuman Jayanti 2024 is a significant festival of Hinduism in India and outside India, like Nepal and the USA. Hanuman Janmotsav 2024 is one of the foremost necessary festivals in Bharat. Lord Hanuman is the most loyal and beloved devotee of Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman ji is an indication of power and energy. He conjointly calls as the kid of Wind God WHO will presume any structure at need. Flaunt the gada or any heavenly weapons, carry mountains, meet the wind, hold the clouds from the sky. And Challenge his Hindu deity among the speed of cloud.


We get to learn from Lord Hanuman; that if we carry immense faith, love and respect for our beloved ones. Human can defeat any difficulty. We tend to should not own any conceitedness for our strength and energy. We should be proud of ourselves and accept the features we bless with.


Lord Hanuman ji is the most beloving buff of Lord Ram to love, respect, loyalty, and determination. Lord Hanuman ji is worshipping as the symbol of power and energy and bestows immense blessings for the good life. Management and protection against negativity. We ask for the lesson of remaining grounded towards our deed. Even though we tend to gift with tremendous power and strength.

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