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Raksha Bandhan gifts for Sisters



Raksha Bandhan gifts for Sisters. The Rakshabandhan Festival celebrates as Rakhi Purnima. It is a famous traditional Hindu festival, celebrated on the full moon day of S

avan month. Rakhi festival also celebrates in India, Nepal, and various parts of India. On this day, all the sisters have a silk thread or amulets on their wrists called Rakhi. In return, the brothers promise to protect their sister and give a gift exchange for Rakhi. Thus, Rakhi is a festival fill with joy and celebrate all over the world.

Best Raksha Bandhan gifts for Sisters

Is is the very difficult task for brothers to choose or select gifts for sisters on Raksha Bandhan. Mostly Near by Raksha Bandhan younger sisters demand gifts from their elder brothers. Like sisters brothers also confused in the dicision making of raksha bandhan gifts for sisters. Mostly boys give  Money to their sisters as it is “Shagun” and tradition and the part of the culture of the festival raksha bandhan. So, to avoid the confusion regarding gift chosen for sisters on raksha bandhan festival I am providing some suggestions you to select gifts are-:

  1. If the sister is very small than you can give silver things like hair rings, rings, bracelet; barbie toys, barbie cups, dress , chocolates, etc.
  2. If the sister is younger than you can give chocolates hampers, Suits, dresses, silver things like hair rings, rings, bracelet; mobile phone , laptops, Cups, pen, nightlamps, etc.
  3. Elder sisters not demand anything from their younger brothers. If the sisters is Elder than you can give silver things like hair rings, rings, bracelet; Suits, dress , chocolates, cups, nightlamps, pen, etc.

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Best Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Brothers

Basically it is very difficult task for some girls to decide gifts for brothers on Raksha Bandhan. Mostly Younger brothers demands gifts from sisters Elder Brothers not demand anything from their sisters. So it is very difficult task to decide gifts for younger brothers. So, to make easiness for you to deciding gifts for brothers on Raksha Bandhan I have given some suggestions -:

  1. If the brother is younger than you can give toys like: remote control helicopter, remote control car, video games, chocolates, studies related games, bracelet, T-shirts, shirts, jeans, pants, Bag, Cup with images, etc.
  2. The brother is very small than you can give Cartoons rakhi, animal toys, car toys, chocolates, motor toy car, motor toy bike, bracelet, School Bag, Cup with images, etc.
  3. If the brother is Elder than you can give attractive silver Rakhi with chocolates or dry fruits, you can also give hand made Rakhi cards, silver bracelet, chocolates, T-shirts, shirts, jeans, pants, perfumes, Cup with images, etc.


The history of Raksha bandhan is thousands of years old. This has been going on since the Vedic period. The festival of Rakshabandhan celebrates as a festival of love between brothers and sisters. This is a festival to prove how a small thread can make a relationship strong.Rakshabandhan discusses in Vedas and Puranas. When the conflict between the Rajputs and the Muslims was going on in the medieval era, Queen Karnavati, widow of the king of Chittor sent a rakhi to Humayun from Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat to protect himself and his subjects. Humayun then Saved him and gave him the status of his sister. Only after this, the festival of Rakshabandhan started to celebrate.

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Rakshabandhan celebrated every year on the full moon day of Saavan. RAKSHABANDHAN is also a Hindu and Jain festival celebrated in the month of Savan. It marks the month of Saavan. It also called Shravani (Sawhney). The Rakhi or Raksha Sutra is most important in Rakshabandhan, which shows the love between brother and sister. Rakhi can range from inexpensive items like raw yarn to colourful items, silk yarn, and expensive items like gold or silver.


Raksha Bandhan gifts for Sisters. Rakshabandhan is a famous festival of brother and sister relationship. The meaning of Raksha is the meaning of protection and Bandhan means that it is called the festival of Raksha Sutra to be tied for protection. On the day of Rakshabandhan, all the sisters pray to God for the progress and protection of their brothers. On this day, there is a lot of people in the markets to buy gifts and new clothes because on this day the brothers give their sister some gifts in exchange for Rakhi. At this festival, all the families unite and celebrate Rakhi together. Apart from this, they share their love by giving rakhi, gifts, or sweets.

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Rakshabandhan is a festival that has social, spiritual, historical, religious, and national importance as well. It symbolizes the emotional relationship between brother and sister. On this day, the sister ties a silk thread on her brother’s wrist and wishes for her long life and protection. By binding this affection and love of the brother, the brother resolves to protect her. Rakshabandhan makes the brother and sister relationship strong and loving. Tying of rakhi is not just the activity between brother and sister but it is custom in many places to tie rakhi to the father by the Brahmins, the Guru, and the youngest daughter of the household. Now Rakhi is being tied to protect the country, protect religion, protect the environment, etc. Rakhi is considered a symbol of brotherhood.



The tradition of tying Rakhi to trees has also started to protect nature. That is, the Raksha Sutra is a thread that tied for protection to show respect.

This festival also increases our awareness about family, society, the world, and our duty. Rakhi Purnima also known as Kajari Purnima. On this day, people worship ‘Bhagwati Devi’. Rakshabandhan knows many other names, such as the subject Taraka, i.e. the poison destroyer, the virtue supplier, i.e., saint giving.

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It has been said in the Puranas that tying a rakhi on the day of Sawan Purnima or Sankranti cuts terrible planets. Durvasa Maharshi enactedRakshabandhan by Shiva’s presiding goddess to prevent the evil effects of planets. There are many references to Rakhi in history. Apart from this, different examples given in other places. In the past, Karmavati, the queen of Chittor, had sent a Rakhi to the Mughal King Humayun and prayed for the protection of himself and his kingdom.

Humayun, despite being a Muslim, took care of Rakhi and helped Queen Karmavati. Another such mention that Alexander’s wife made a brother by tying a rakhi to Alexander’s enemy Puru to save Alexander’s life and asked him not to kill him in battle. Puru had total respect for Rakhi and left Alexander alive due to his promise to his sister. Maharaja Raj Singh had fought Aurangzeb for the protection of the princess of Rupnagar for this Rakhi. The Mahabharata also mentions various contexts regarding the Rakshabandhan festival.



Raksha Bandhan gifts for Sisters. Jainism mentioned that a person named Vishnu Kumar Muni had removed the gross prefix on Jain sages on the day of Shravan Nakshatra or Sawan Purnima. It said that during the pilgrimage of 18 Tirthankara Lord Arnath of Jainism sacrifices at Hastinapur, some ministers took the kingdom with deceit and kept 70 Jain sages in captivity along with the Akampanacharya, which Vishnu Kumar Muni freed on the day of Sawan Purnima. Did. The people celebrated happiness as soon as they overcome the obstacles. Rakshabandhan celebrated in the Jain tradition, giving Mr Munisingh a health-friendly diet, that of marriage. On the day of Rakshabandhan, Jain shrines and Shravikas go to the Jain temples and tie the Raksha Bandutra with a resolve to protect religion and culture and worship Rakshabandhan.


Best gifts for Raksha Bandhan. Previously, women’s safety was safe inside the house walls but everywhere, but nowadays, when we have entered the Internet era, the meaning and meaning of relationships have changed a lot. In a society where morality attacked, women are the first to be affected. A festival like Rakshabandhan makes us realize that we have come forward to protect women and pledge to protect them. In the celebration of Rakshabandhan, there is a feeling of mutual security and cooperation.

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