Rain Ruined the Crop: Story on Climate Change

  Rain Ruined the Crop: Story on Climate Change

I opened my eyes late this morning. One is the winter season, and it had rained a lot last night, due to which it was a little late to wake up from sleep. I looked at the clock, “What’s it! It’s eight o’clock! I have to reach school at 9 a.m.! How will I reach school in an hour after managing everything?” Then I remembered, “Hey, it’s Sunday! Today is a holiday”! Then a girl from the village started calling me loudly.

Well, I am not a resident of the village. I have got a job in a government school in this village. In this connection I live in this village. When I came out, even before I could ask anything, Kamal, the girl’s name, started saying, “Didi! Did you know that all the crops in the fields of Vilas chacha and Naveen chacha in our village were ruined by rain last night”?

This news is very sad. Farmer’s only means of livelihood is their agriculture, and if they are ruined, how will they live, and what will they eat? Then Komal suddenly started asking me, “Didi, it is winter now. So, why does it rain so much in this winter season? Earlier it was not so, mother and grandmother were talking.”

“All this is happening because of climate change”, I said. “Meaning”!, asked Komal.

I said, “Climate change means that the climate of the earth keeps changing. Heavy rains in winter and temperature rise so much in summer that it becomes difficult for a person to live! All this is the result of climate change.”

“So didi, this is a serious problem for humans. It will disturb the balance of the environment. “Yes it is?,” I said. “So didi, who is responsible for climate change?”  Komal said.

“Some natural factors are responsible, but human activities are more responsible for climate change” I replied to Komal. Now Kamol got a little worried and said, “So didi, no one is doing anything to solve this problem?”

I said, “yes, environmentalists around the world are worried. Environmental scientists are looking for ways to maintain the balance of the environment. Some organizations are working continuously to protect the environment”. Then Komal went to her house, and I too got engaged in my routine work.

Rahul Modhgil

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