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Makar sankranti 2023: The History and Meaning of Makar Sankranti

How Makar Sankranti celebrates in India?
How Makar Sankranti celebrates in India?

Meaning Of Makar Sankranti 2023?

Makar sankranti 2023: The History and Meaning of Makar Sankranti. The festival of Makar Sakranti is a festival of happiness and joy because, on this day, people of all classes in Hinduism are happy and live together, not discriminating. Poor people get good clothes and sweets. That is why people are so glad, and those who donate are happy by earning merit. Because we August revolution is the festival of happiness which fills happiness in everyone’s life.

This festival celebrates with enthusiasm in India and countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, etc., according to the traditions of Hinduism. Every state has a different rule of celebrating the festival of Makar Sankranti in India, but the purpose of everyone is to earn virtue by donating.

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According to the calendar of Hinduism, the holy festival of Makar Sakranti, in the month of Paush, when the sun enters from the Capricorn sign and enters Capricorn. From this day itself comes the arrival of spring.

The weather starts changing even in winter. The days start getting longer, and the nights start getting shorter. This is the reason that Makar Sakranti also celebrates the reception of new seasons and seasons.

How Makar Sankranti celebrates in India?


Makar sankranti 2023: The History and Meaning of Makar Sankranti. There are different people behind celebrating the festival of Makar Sakranti. Still, according to Hinduism, the celebration of  Makar Sankranti 2023 celebrates on the same day when the sun enters the Capricorn sign from Sagittarius and hence the name of this Chauhan. From ‘Sakranti’ to “Makar Sakranti”.

According to scientists, till this day, the sun used to rise in the south direction through the east exposure, but after this day, the sun rises in the east order and sets in the northern hemisphere. Hence the night time starts to shorten from this day, and The days start getting more prominent.

Why is it celebrated in different states in India??


In Rajasthan, the festival of Makar Sakranti 2023 celebrates differently here. The day of Makar Sankranti, sweets of goodies, sesame seeds, jalebi, etc., are made. On this day, people also fly colourful kites to show their joy, which looks very beautiful in the open sky.

On MAKAR SANKRANTI 2023, everyone from children to elders is busy flying kites and enjoys sweets and dumplings. The women listen to the stories of the sun god on the day and also keep a fast.

How Makar Sankranti celebrates in India?


People in Uttar Pradesh and West Bihar know this festival as Khichdi. Because on this day, khichdi is made in almost all the houses there and offer to the sun god.

Also, people go and bathe in the rivers flowing there. After this, water offered to the Sun. After this, donations also done in the form of religion, such as distributing fruits, distributing clothes, blankets, and other things are donated. People believe that donating on this day gives them more merit than other days.


In Tamil Nadu, this festival celebrates as a Pongal festival. People who believe in Tamil Nadu Hinduism cut their crop and offer it to their favourite deity. For the people there, this day is a symbol of happiness and prosperity.


In Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, the festival knows as Maa. In Punjab, celebrated only on January 13, which also named Lohri. People there burn wood and add sesame maize and other sweets and worship God.

How Makar Sankranti celebrates in India?


This festival is also known as Uttarayan because the sun rises in the east direction and sets in the north order. This is a miracle. Hence it calls Uttarayan. People also distribute sweets, clothes, and many things to needy people and do charity.


Makar Sankranti 2023  is celebrates with great pageantry here. At this festival, women donate cotton, salt, and oil to married women. The women hither also distribute sesame seeds and goodies. They believe that people distribute sweets and good by spreading jaggery and so many things.


On this day, a huge fair organised in the Ganges Sagar, where all the devotees celebrate this festival with significant prompting.

On this day, people who take a bath in the river do all the pilgrimage. There is also a saying that “all the expeditions repeated,Ganga Sagar once.



Makar sankranti 2023: The History and Meaning of Makar Sankranti. According to mythological beliefs, on this day, Lord Surya visits his son Shani at his house. Since Shanidev is the lord of Capricorn, this day is known as Makar Sakranti.

According to another mythological and historical event, Bhishma Pitamah had sacrificed his life on this day, and this auspicious occasion of Makar Sakranti, the river Ganga followed Bhagiratha and reached Samandar (Sagar) via Kapil Muni’s ashram.

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As we have mentioned above, this festival celebrates everyone according to their methods and ideas, so there are many colours of this festival. This festival is a festival of happiness, wealth and charity.

On this day, all people meet each other and celebrate this festival with great pomp. Even though people can see diversity in names and cultures about this festival, this festival works to connect people because nowadays people have become so busy in the runaway life that they cannot give time to their people.

The festival of Makar Sankranti is considered an important festival like other festivals. It has special significance in Hinduism. This festival celebrated with great pomp in India as well as Nepal. Different names know it in different regions.

It is only through these festivals that we can meet each other and share our happiness.


Festivals have special significance in today’s run-of-the busy life. The most considerable power and development festival in India is because people understand each other because of the festival. We share our happiness and sorrow. Due to all these festivals, there is unity in India, despite the differences.

Each festival has its unique significance. Festivals always connect people. That is why all the people like the festival very much.

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