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Jagannath Rath Yatra 2022

How many days is Jagannath Rath Yatra?
How many days is Jagannath Rath Yatra?


Jagannath Rath Yatra 2022. The Rath Yatra festival is also known as the Rath Yatra. Dashavatar Yatra, Gundicha Yatra, Nava Dina Yatra celebrate with tremendous enthusiasm and joy every year in India.

The festival entirely dedicates to Lord Jagannath and is specially celebrates in Puri in the Indian state of Orissa. The entire Rath Yatra process involves the holy procession of the Gundicha Mata Temple of Hindu deities, Lord Puri Jagannath, Goddess Subhadra, and Lord Balabhadra, and is celebrates with great pomp.

After nine days, people bring the deities back to the original place with the Rath Yatra; which means the entire Jagannath temple or the Rath Yatra call as Bahuda Yatra.

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Rath Yatra is an important festival celebrating once every year, mainly by people who follow Hinduism. Rath Yatra festival considers different from the rest of the Hindu festivals because, in the rest of the Hindu festivals, the prominent people celebrate by worshiping or fasting in their homes and temples, but this festival is different from them because everyone gathers together to celebrate it. This festival primarily celebrates by taking out a rath yatra in the whole city, world-famous. This festival celebrates for ten days.

How many days is Jagannath Rath Yatra?

The Rath Yatra especially celebrate all over the city; and the entire town locate in the state of Orissa in India; which is also known by both names with Sang Kshetra, Sri Kshetra, Purushottam Puri, etc. The people of this city consider the main deity Lord Jagannath and the whole regard as the main Leela land of Lord Jagannath. The main festival here is also Lord Jagannath’s Rath Yatra. Rath Yatra celebrates with great pomp. Lakhs of devotees from here and abroad come here to see it. Some of the civilians speaks the Rath Yatra as Bahuda Yatra.

The Rath Yatra History :

The Rath Yatra festival celebrates every year on the second day of the Shukla Paksha of the month of Ashada in Orissa, India, to take out a procession of Lord Jagannath chariots Puri Jagannath Templeto Goundi Mata Temple. A parade takes place at Mausi Maa temple for some time to complete the prasad.

The three chariots highly decorate in the holy procession (for Lord Puri Jagannath, Goddess Subhadra, and Lord Balabhadra) are similar to the temple, an electric system, or devotees draw on the streets of Puri. This festival celebrates to complete the visit of Lord Puri Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra’s sister Subhadra to her aunt’s house, i.e., Gundicha Mata Temple.

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How many days is Jagannath Rath Yatra?


The Rath Yatra 2022 date is 1 july 2022 friday. The Rath Yatra begins on the second day of Ashada Shukla at Jagannathpuri. This rath yatra takes ten days. It also believes that Lord Jagannath resides among people from the second to the tenth of Ashada Shukla. The festival of Rath Yatra is a festival celebrates continuously for hundreds of years. Millions of devotees arrive every year to participate in the Rath Yatra. Many devotees participating in the Rath Yatra are increasing year after year.

Lord Jagannath Ji consider being the form of the combined idol of Lord Shri Krishna and Radha.Rath Yatra is starting every year by Basant Panchami for the chariot journey of Lord Jagannath Ji. It done to identify the good and good tree for the wood of the chariot, in which Radhina is two and did not use any metal in the construction of the chariot. It made using natural wood. Some of the masses wants to know the bahuda yatra 2022 date.

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Rath Yatra can be of two types. The first a pilgrimage made by devotees around the temple, and the second is a rath yatra of Hindu deities in a chariot adorn from one temple to another.

How many days is Jagannath Rath Yatra?

Lord Jagannath with Lord Balabhadra and sister Goddess Subhadra from Puri Jagannath Temple to Gundicha Mata Temple is another journey. I believe that the Vamana avatar means that God The sow form of Vishnu was an incarnation of Lord Jagannath. rath yatra 2022 drawing.

The Jagannath Rath yatra is the most important event that happened during the special and sacred occasions of Hinduism. Lord Jagannath was incarnate as Lord Krishna on earth in Dwapara Yuga.

The sacred mantras and devotional songs perform this particular festival of the holy journey of Ratas by the devotees, saints, religious texts, poets. People want to touch the night or pull the zodiacs and get God’s blessings. Devotees on this day sing a particular Oriya song and pull the holy book on the wheel. subho rath yatra. 

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What is Subho Rath yatra mean?

 The celebration of the entire festival consists of 3 immense attractively decorated structures resembling temple structures drawn on the streets of Puri, or the holy festival is located 2 kilometers from Puri Jagannath Temple by Hindu devotees for nine days. “Subho Rath Yatra” It means the morning yatra of shri lord puri jagannath from jagannath temple. In the Gundicha temple, Lord Jagannath is celebrating to commemorate the sacred visit of his sister Subhadra Devi, including Lord Balabhadra.

How many days is Jagannath Rath Yatra?

Jagannath Rath Yatra 2022. During the festival celebration, millions of Hindu devotees from all over the world reach the destination to be a part of the festival and receive the many blessings of Lord Jagannath.

All the vast chariots brought to the majestic temple at the lion gate. Lord Jagannath’s chariot is 44 feet in height, 24 feet in width, 6 feet in diameter, and 26 wheels adorned with red and yellow robes. Nandigosh chariot deserves the name of Lord Balaram’s chariot Hazrat. He has 44 feet, 14 reels of 7 feet in diameter, and decorate with red-blue or black cloth. subho rath yatra.

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Jagannath Rath Yatra 2022. There is a mythological story behind the Rath Yatra that Lord Jagannath was born on the day of Just Poornima. On that day, Lord Jagannath, his elder brother Balarama; and sister Subhadra taken off the Ratna Sihasan. And taken to the Isnan Mandap near the temple of Lord Jagannath. If you do 108, then there is his royal bath due to which Lord Jagannath falls ill and has a fever. After this, Lord Jagannath kept in a particular place call as Osar Ghar. Subho rath yatra means people have to wake up early in the morning and do preparation for the rath yatra.

How many days is Jagannath Rath Yatra?

After 15 days,Lord Jagannath comes out of the house recovering and gives darshan to the devotees. It is also call as a young man’s eye festival Or shree jagannat temple. After this, on the second day of Ashadh Shukla, Lord Jagannath; along with his elder brother Balarama and sister Subhadra, ride in a chariot and go for a city tour.


Jagannath Rath Yatra 2022. The Lord puri Jagannath rath yatra starts from shri jagannath temple situated in Orissa India. The entire state of the present temple is more than 800 years old, and has been consider as one of the 4 holy shrines. It believes that on this day God himself visits the city. And comes among the people and participates in their happiness and sorrow. It also believes that the devotees who go to the Rath Yatra; seeing God and testifying to the path of the Lord; Are found in the dust of the path, they get the best abodes of Shri Vishnu. The most important thing is that there is no discrimination of any kind at this festival. At some of the places people know the Rath Yatra as Bahuda Yatra. So, Some of the masses wants to know the bahuda yatra 2022 date.


The festival of Rath Yatra specifically destroys discrimination and spreads a sense of unity among all. On any one day Lord Jagannath his brother Balabhadra and his sister Goddess Subhadra leave for a visit; which is celebrates as the festival of Rath Yatra.

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