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How to Celebrates The Festival of Janmashtami?

How to Celebrates The Festival of Janmashtami?


How to Celebrates The Festival of Janmashtami? India is a country where all festivals are celebrating with pomp. JANMASHTAMI is also the main festival that the people of Hinduism India mainly consider as a country of lawfulness. The Hindu celebrate JANMASHTAMI for the birth of Shri Krishna. The festival usually occurs in August. Moreover, the Hindus celebrate this festival in the Ashtami of KRISHNA PAKSHA.

Moreover, lord Krishna is the most potent incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is a joyful festival for the Hindus. Furthermore, the Hindus perform different rituals to please Lord Krishna. This is one of the most joyous celebrations for the Hindus. When I was a child, I used to watch many shows on Sri Krishna. As a result, I know many things about him. First of all, Sri Krishna was very fond of eating Makhan. Because of that, he always used to steal it from his mother’s kitchen. Therefore his name was ”Natkahat Nand Lal”. Sri Krishna was of dark-colour. So he was always worry about his color.

Moreover, Sri Krishna had a friend named Radha. Radha was of great importance to Krishna. So he always spent time with her. Radha was beautiful and fair, so Lord Krishna always feels color complex.

Different forms of JANMASHTAMI :

JANMASHTAMI is also known as DAHI HANDI in Mumbai and Pune or is celebrating with great enthusiasm. The GROUPS of youths are calling as JEEVAN GOVINDA Pathak. They travel in trucks, and then this GOVINDA together does competition to break the DAHI HANDI and finally DAHI Handy busts located in DWARKA city of Gujarat.

The Festival of Janmashtami

DWARKADHISH temple in DWARKA city of Gujarat also has its views, people celebrate NAVDIP, in eastern state Orissa around PURI and around West Bengal with fasting and worship at midnight.

How to Celebrates The Festival of Janmashtami?

JANMASHTAMI festival celebrates in 2 days in Hindu temples, homes, and community centers. Devotees keep a whole day fast before the festival starting from 24:00 on this occasion, how much milk butter is kept by keeping the idol of GHEE, Honey is bathed with PANCHAMRIT made of Ganga water, and TULSI leaves.

Then this PANCHAMRIT is distributed as Prasad to the devotees, BHAJAN- KIRTAN, AARTI, puja is performed in the temple of LORD KRISHNA. How to Celebrates The Festival of Janmashtami?

Krishna JANMASHTAMI celebration to awaken consciousness :

All the pastimes of Shri Krishna guide us and teach us to reconcile with life’s difficulties that we should come to democratically oppose the Chari system.

Shri Krishna himself says in the Bhagavad Gita. I am Avyakt. I am unborn. Therefore JANMASHTAMI is a celebration of how to celebrate Shri Krishna’sKrishna’s birth anniversary within oneself, to awaken Krishna’s consciousness.

The Festival of Janmashtami

The eighth incarnation of Shri Lord Vishnu was in the form of Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna had come to convey to the world the meaning and importance of love and follow religion’s path. Therefore, where is the supreme man considering Krishna Ji as a complete incarnation in SANATAN culture, where is Krishna always committed to karma. That is why others also give the message of being free from karma worries, always giving the message of walking on the path of righteousness.


About 5000 years ago, Shri Krishna was born in the ROHINI NAKSHATRA in the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada.

KING UGRASEN was associated previous judicial ruler. Once he complete that he was torturing the topics a minimum of and persecuting them. King UGRASENA protested and proceeded to get rid of Kansa from the throne once Kansa left his father. King UGRASEN was captive and Sat on the throne himself. KANS was a cruel ruler who persecuted his subjects, collected double, and tortured them in various ways. Kansa was the lord of Demonic powers, and he was also the master of a superpower that could summon all demonic powers.

The Festival of Janmashtami

 Kansa had a younger sister named Devaki. He loved his sister Devaki so much that he did not miss his life for him. Kansa always respected Devaki and provided him all the comforts. He should not have any trouble, and whatever was causing him pain, he used to punish him with a terrible punishment.

When Kamsa’s sister became eligible, Kansa thought that her sister Devaki should get married, so she thought of her dear friend VASUDEV. VASUDEV was a prince who always followed the truth and never gave up the truth, always lived a pious life, and was ready to make any sacrifice for it.

Kansa Sister Devika

How to Celebrates The Festival of Janmashtami? Kansa married his beloved sister Devaki to VASUDEV, and he was so dear that Kansa was going to leave his mother-in-law for the reason of his sister Devaki himself and only then AKASHVANI said that Devaki’sDevaki’s eighth son would become Kansa’sKansa’s time.

Then Kansa took turns like Devaki and VASUDEV Karat Hai in their palace prison and locked them in prison forever, and Devaki’sDevaki’s children were waiting to be born and killed one by one. In the process, he brought seven of Devaki’sDevaki’s children to the grass of time.

Finally, the eighth child, Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, killed Kansa, freed the people from atrocities, and put an end to administration.

The Festival of Janmashtami

Some of the major pastimes of Shri Krishna :

Shri Krishna destroyed many demons like POOTNA, KALIA NAG, BAKASUR, AGHASURA, etc.

Despite being a god, he behave very naughtily in his childhood, like breaking a matki and stealing the Makhan and playing with them.

After Kansa’sKansa’s slaying, Krishna became DWARKADHISH. Even while holding the post of DWARKA, young became ARJUNA’SARJUNA’S charioteer in the war of Mahabharata and then told Arjuna the importance of life’s duties and won the war.

Importance of Krishna JANMASHTAMI festival :

How to Celebrates The Festival of Janmashtami? The significance of the JANMASHTAMI festival is far-reaching because this festival has a significant impact on our human life. It is believing that there will be an increase of unrighteousness whenever there is a loss of religion, then Shri Krishna, i.e., Lord Vishnu, will incarnate. No matter how powerful evil is in the day, it must end. There is a need to show some courage and courage. May this man make life successful and attain God.

The Festival of Janmashtami

Conclusion :

Shri Krishna is worship as a worshiper of Hindus, and for this reason. In different regions of India, if someone celebrates by breaking the curd handi, then someone performs Raslila.

Message :

We get the message from the festival of Shri Krishna Janmashtami that sin must be destroyed. when there is increasing misery in the world, sin, tyranny, and corruption increase. Should be engage in Sattrama And any circumstance should not support unrighteousness, no matter how many opportunities it presents to us, we should always walk with religion and success can be achieved only by following a difficult path.

Lesson :

 Janmashtami is a festival of great joy and a feeling of belonging. It is considering as to be the worship of Lord Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna’s advice and sermons in the Gita or preaching always inspire us to fight against injustice and atrocities. We learn from this essay that we should always support the truth because the truth is victory, and evil faces defeat.

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