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How is Vasant Navratri celebrated?



How is Vasant Navratri celebrated? There is a network of festivals in the country of India. There is a festival every month. The celebration of Vasant Navaratri or Ram Navami has special significance. Ramnavami is considere the famous festival of the Hindu people or celebrated on the ninth day of Chaitra month of Shukla Paksha of the Hindu lunar year, i.e., 9th May.

This festival is celebrate to commemorate the birth of Maryada Purushottam Shri Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This day is calling as Rama Navami or Basant Navratri. The celebration of Ramnavami is celebrate not only by the Hindu community living in India but also by the Hindu community where they live worldwide.

This festival is celebrate with great joy and enthusiasm is believe. Devotees who fast on this occasion are showere with immense happiness and good fortune.


How is Vasant Navratri celebrated? Basant Navratri and Ram Navami is a festival of great importance to Hindus. On this day, the birth anniversary of Shri Ram is celebrating by people all over the country. This day is also significant because it is the last Navratri. Specific worship of the goddess Havan and Kanya Pujan is also performing by people on this day.

How is Vasant Navratri celebrated?

Each festival has a special significance. Each festival teaches us something. Just those Navratri festival tells us the specialty of Shri Ram Ji.  Shri Ram Ji is also call as Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram. Because he had 14 years of exile, he lived in the jungles with his wife and Anuj Laxman.

While living in the forests, he had saved everyone suffering. Granted the meaning of liberation, but always treated everyone with dignity. Teach us to respect all people, big or small.

There is another reason for the importance of Basant Navratri. On this auspicious day when Shri Ram was born in Ayodhya, Goswami Tulsidas Ji started creating his immortal poetry Ramcharitmanas in Ayodhya on this day.


Rama Navami fast is performing by women. A woman fasting today should wake up in the morning and, after waking up in the morning, clean the entire house and sprinkle the Ganges water in the place and cleanse it. After this, take a bath and take a pledge.

While listening to the fast story, the importance of listening to the story with grains of wheat, millet, etc., in hand is also said.
How is Vasant Navratri celebrated?

 On the day of fasting, there is a particular decorating method in the temple or house with a flag, flag, festoon, etc. Should worship The day of fasting, Kalash installation, and the family of Ram Ji. Bhajan, remembrance, hymn recitation, donation, Punya, havan, and celebration should be done throughout the day, and singing, playing at night is auspicious.


Fasting of Basant Navaratri increases the knowledge of a person. His patience power expands. Sorrows end in the life of Vrat Dhari. Self-confidence increases. The mind concentrates. It is said about this fast that when one performs Surat with a low sense of mind, he gets the maximum fasting moment.


How is Vasant Navratri celebrated? Lord Shri Ram is a symbol of virtue. He is also calling as Maryada Purushottam. Lord Rama is remembering for his prosperous and virtuous rule. He is considering as an avatar of Lord Vishnu, who came to earth to fight a battle with the invincible Ravana. On this day, devotees visit many temples and cradle their idols to celebrate their birth anniversary. Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama, is the focal point of the ritual of the Ramnavami festival. Rath Jatras relate to Rama Janmotsav is taken out from many temples here. Ayodhya’s Chaitra Ramnavami fair on Ram Navami is quite famous in which millions of devotees gather from all over the country.

How is Vasant Navratri celebrated?

Lord Shri Ram was incarnate for the welfare of life. He is revere in Hinduism. Many festivals of Hinduism, such as Ram Navami, Dussehra, and Deepawali, are associat with the story of Rama. Shriram was the ideal son, the ideal brother, the ideal husband, the ideal friend, the ideal swami, the ideal hero, the ideal country servant, and the real God. Lord Shri Ram took birth on the day of Chaitra Shukla Navami at Ayodhyapati Maharaj Dasaratha to reclaim the earth’s weight after hearing the gods’ prayers in Tretayuga killed his demons and established his fame in Trilok. Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram was devoid of all vices. He had no ego about anything.  Nor, after being the conqueror of Trilok, should he just spread his work, elevate the name of his dynasty and enlighten everyone so that they can all become idealists.


How is Vasant Navratri celebrated? Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana were going into the forest. Seeing Sita Ji and Lakshman getting tired, Ram Ji thought of stopping a little and resting and went to an old lady’s house. The old lady was spinning. The old lady paid her respect and sat down, made her bathe, meditated, and got food. Ram Ji said- old lady Mai, “First get my goose pearl, then I should too.” Where did the pearl that the old lady used to live by spinning yarn? She did not think it right to say no to the guest was confused. So, strengthening the heart, she reached the king, and Anjali started to beg for a pearl. The king was surprised that it does not have food grains and is asking for a pearl. In this situation, there is no question of getting the pearl back from the old lady.

Finally, the king told his servants to get the old lady a pearl.

The old lady came home with a pearl, kissed the goose, and welcomed the guests. Ram Ji planted a tree of pearls in his place to keep water. Days passed, and the tree grew. The tree started growing. People from neighboring trees devoured them from the pearl tree—one day, the old lady was sitting under her spinning yarn. So a pearl fell on his lap. The old lady came to know then. He quickly tied the pearl and tied it in his clothes, and took him towards the fort. He put the bundle of pearls in front of the king.

How is Vasant Navratri celebrated?

By Seeing so many pearls, the king was surprise. Upon his asking, the old lady told the king everything. The king got tempt. He started asking for a pear tree from the older man. The old lady said that all the people around take away. Take it if you want to what I have to do. The king immediate order the tree and got it place in his court. One day, a thorn pierced the queen’s heels and started to ache. The king lifted the tree and sent it back to the old lady’s house. Pearls began to be applie to the tree as before. The old lady lived comfortably and distributed a lot of pearls.


This essay is not the only essay but Amritvani from the birth of Shri Ram Ji to the Ramnavami festival. By reading this, we get knowledge of the challenges of Shri Ram Ji. We get the wisdom to fight challenges, and we also know that our fame grows only by walking on the path of religion.

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