Cabbage made Rohan ill: Story on Land on Life

Cabbage made Rohan ill: Story on Land on Life

Seeing her son Rohan getting ill, Kamini lost her passion for gardening.  Kamini lives with her son and husband in a small house. Kamini is very fond of vegetable gardening. But, due to lack of space, Kamini’s passion remains in her mind.

There is a small patio, but not as helpful for vegetable gardening. Rohan uses to play in this patio, and she also sits in this patio for some time during the day, and enjoys the open air. There is also a crisis of water from above. The amount of water received from the Municipal Corporation is used for drinking, cooking, and other household works.

Kamini has to water the garden everyday, so from where will she get the water? This too is an obstacle in the way of her gardening. But Kamini’s heart is that she does not agree.

Then she planted cabbage plants just once to satisfy her passion, covering some area of ​​the patio. It was winter, so he chose cabbage. Then, Kamini started taking necessary care of her dream cabbage garden every day.

Two or three cabbages appeared in the garden, and one cabbage grew too big.  Kamini’s heart started swinging with joy.  He plucked the big cabbage and brought it home.

“It has to make something special!”  Kamini started talking in her mind.  “Come on, let’s make its manchurian, Rohan likes it, and husband too! This is my first vegetable in my garden”. Kamini starts talking on her own, and then enters the kitchen.

Rohan fell ill after eating Kamini’s manchurian. The doctor was telling that he has got food poisoning. There was some contaminant in the vegetable, and the child became ill after eating the dish made from it. Kamini and her husband were shocked to hear this.

How is this possible? I cooked the vegetable by washing it thoroughly with water! Apart from water, no fertilizers and chemical fertilizers were used in my vegetable garden, and the soil in the patio is also good. Then how can there be any adulteration in the vegetable?” Kamini started speaking.

Then she started crying and said, “Every time after cooking, I taste the food myself first, then serve the others. But, that day, even before I could taste my food, Rohan entered the kitchen and started eating manchurian himself. If I had tasted earlier, I would have been ill. Nothing happens to my son”!

“Don’t cry! The doctor said he will be fine! You just kept giving medicine to Rohan on time!” An elderly man sitting in Kamini’s house said.”

He now said to Kamini’s husband, “Well, you guys used municipal supply water in the vegetable garden, didn’t you?

No! It is difficult to drink from that water and the rest of the household work is done. Kamini’s husband said, “A man used to bring us 2 buckets of water daily from a nearby wetland in exchange for money.

“I think, that water was contaminated.  You put it in the garden, due to which the soil got contaminated, and then the vegetables grown on that contaminated soil also got contaminated, and after eating the same contaminated vegetable, Rohan became ill”! The elderly man said.

But, how can welland water be contaminated? Had it been so, the man would never have brought us water from that wetland,” Kamini’s husband said.

“That’s what to find out! Maybe the man didn’t even know about the bad water in the wetland?” said the old man.

Then it came to know that, there is a factory at a short distance of that wetland, from where wastes and chemicals were released into that wetland through the pipeline, due to which the water got contaminated. And then the soil of Kamini’s garden got contaminated by coming in contact with that contaminated water.

Land pollution has become a big problem today. Some factors, such as chemicals, industry wastes, human wastes, plastics, etc., are continuously contaminating the land, and the land is losing its fertility.

If it continues like this, in the future, it will be difficult to survive for human life on the land. Environmental scientists around the world are very concerned about this increasing land pollution, and various plan programs are being adopted to prevent land pollution.

Rahul Modhgil

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