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7 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Festivals

7 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Festivals

7 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Festivals

In this article we will discuss about 7 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Festivals. The festival is celebrated for joy, fun, and happiness. People celebrate each festival in different ways, and enjoy the festival through various programs and activities. But, there are also such dangerous festivals in the world, which people celebrate for thrill and excitement.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about 7 such dangerous festivals of the world, which you will be shocked to read. These festivals involve activities that can harm people in many ways. But, still these festivals are celebrated with great pomp, and people also participate in these festivals with great enthusiasm.

7 Most Dangerous Festivals of the World

  1. Running of the Bulls, Spain

7 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Festivals

Celebrated in Spain, this is one of the most dangerous festivals in the world where thousands of people run on the streets and 6 charging bulls are released behind them. This festival is celebrated every year from July 7 to 14 in Pamplona, ​​Spain. The program starts at 8 a.m.

Millions of people come to watch this Running of the Bulls event, where foreign tourists are also included.

The distance of the running race is set at 875 metre, and the race starts through the centre of the city. Over a hundred people get injured during the race. This human and bull race is so dangerous where there is also a possibility of people dying. However, the audience enjoys Running of the Bulls with great enthusiasm and excitement.

  1. Baby-Jumping, Spain

7 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Festivals

Although this festival is not considered so dangerous, until the event of Baby-Jumping is not completed, the danger remains, and the people watching this event stop their breath.  The Baby Jumping Festival is celebrated every year in Spain with much fanfare as an annual festival.

This festival started in Spain after the 17th century. During the festivities, babies are laid on mattresses in the middle of the street, and some persons are dressed as devils in red and yellow jumpsuits. Then these devils jump the babies.

It is believed that this baby-jumping program by the devils removes the sins of the infants and hence, the parents also do not hesitate to put their infants on the street. There was no news of any kind of accident in this festival, but due to the carelessness of a moment, there is a possibility of a major accident.

  1. Christmas Fighting Festival, Peru

7 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Festivals

Christmas is a celebration of joy spreading peace messages all over the world, but in some places of Peru, Christmas Fighting Festival is celebrated on Christmas, where on December 25, people openly challenge to fistfights to patch-up their old disputes.

A temporary ring is built to organize fistfights, and arrangements are made for the spectators to watch the fighting around the ring. According to the local people, at the Christmas Fighting Festival, the spectators and fighters are presented wearing special costumes.

Sometimes fighting goes out of control. So, in order to prevent the fighting from getting dangerous, the referee walks into the ring with a whip. But, still this festival is a dangerous festival in the world, where there is a possibility of people getting seriously injured.

  1. Vegetarian Festival, Thailand

7 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Festivals

The Vegetarian Festival does not sound dangerous, and this festival is associated with eating vegetables, but there are some harmful activities in this festival, due to which the Vegetarian Festival is considered a dangerous festival of the world. This festival begins on the eve of the 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar, and lasts for nine consecutive days.

Vegetarian Festival is celebrated in Thailand including Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, etc. countries. During the festival everyone wears white clothes and follows a strictly vegetarian diet for nine days.  Alcohol is strictly prohibited during the celebration. 7 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Festivals.

Many vegetarian dishes are prepared in the festival, which includes noodles, cakes, soups etc. Several special stalls are set up during the festival, where pure vegetarian food is prepared as per the rules of the festival. Although this festival is a festival to follow the rituals of vegetarians by eating vegetables.

But, some of the participants participating in the festival make the festival dangerous by doing unusual and harmful activities. Many participants walk on burning coal, many pierce the various parts of their body with a knife or a sharp object, and more. Many participants are badly injured by those activities. 7 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Festivals.

  1. Rouketopolemos, Greece

7 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Festivals

The Rouketopolemos festival, also known as the rocket war, is a night rocket fired against each other between two rival churches. This is also a dangerous festival of the world. Many Churches in Greece, which nurture orthodox philosophies, often fire fireworks after midnight anastasis service, accompanied by the ringing of church bells, to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

The rocket war takes place between the two rival churches of Greece, Agios Markos and Panagia Erithiani. Two rival churches standing on opposite sides of the valley continue to fire rockets targeting each other’s church bells. The rockets go and hit each other’s church bells.  Like they are warning each other of war.

  1. Fruit Battle, Italy

7 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Festivals

The name sounds weird. Well, Fruit Battle, how can this be a dangerous festival?  But, if a fruit like orange gets on the human body, it can be dangerous.  The Fruit Battle is celebrated every year in the city of Ivrea, Italy. In celebration, a mediaeval rebellion is staged, where the townspeople overthrow a tyrant.  A carriage of horses carries the players, who represent the evil classes of the tyrant. 7 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Festivals.

The cart is placed among the crowd of townspeople, and people keep throwing oranges at the players of the horse drawn cart.  Although all players wear protective gear, the speed of the oranges thrown by the crowd is so fast that players are at risk of cuts, scratches and injuries. All pedestrians throwing oranges are dressed in special uniforms.

  1. Onbashira, Japan

7 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Festivals

The Onbashira Festival began in Japan over 1,200 years after the temple buildings of the Suwa Taisha were rebuilt in Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture, in the Chubu region of Japan. This festival is celebrated every 6 years. In the climax of the festival, young men ride logs that slide down a hill slope and are later raised as pillars. 7 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Festivals.

Every year local people jump on these huge logs. As these logs slip down the hill, the people who fall down during the jump get hurt. The risk of major injury and sometimes death while falling under the log can not be ignored. This festival is welcomed every 6 years with musical instruments. People gather from far and wide in the Chubu region of Japan to enjoy this dangerous festival.

7 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Festivals

Bottom Line

There are also some criticisms of these dangerous festivals of the world. There is a dispute as to how far the festivals which threaten the people can be justified. But, this does not diminish the importance of these festivals in the slightest. Rather, there is a different thrill in the people who participate in these dangerous festivals. Every year special preparations are made for these festivals.

Many things are added to make the festivals attractive and more thrilling.  These festivals are a combination of danger and fun. The events are a great source of happiness for both men and women, which they thoroughly enjoy.  Apart from the local people, people from outside also participate in these dangerous festivals.

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